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Dear all,

I am particularly happy to share with you tonight the results of our online vote.

26 RGCS coordinators have voted online about the creation of 6 new RGCS chapters and the names of 17 new coordinators.

The opening of our new chapters in Milan, Singapore, Tokyo, Stockholm, Helsinki and New York has been validated by 100% of the votes!

Same thing for the names of the coordinators of each chapter!

Welcome to our new RGCS coordinators Perttu Salovaara, Nina Kivinen, Charles-Baptiste Gérard, Xavier Pavie, Matt Statler, Anne-Laure Fayard, Emilie Rheinhold, Lucia Crevani, Guy Parmentier, Amadou Lo, Cristina Rossi, Paola Rovelli,
Gianandrea Ciaramella, Chiara Tagliaro, Chiara Mizzi, Tadashi Uda and Tomazaku Abe.

Looking forward to meeting all of them ver soon in London!
François-Xavier de Vaujany, president of RGCS


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