RGCS Toulouse launched during the FabLab Festival – on the 12th of May

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by Amélie Bohas (Aix-Marseille Université), Constance Garnier (Telecom Paris-Tech) and Stéphanie Faure (Université PSL Paris-Dauphine)

In April 2017, a brand new RGCS (Research Group on Collaborative Spaces) chapter opened in Toulouse. So as to start this adventure in a collective and open way, a first convivial meeting gathering 30 people interested in the global RGCS dynamic and those who are especially concerned by the Toulouse’s chapter took place during the FabLab Festival. As Toulouse, through it’s festival organized by Artilect, became a major meeting point for fabbers and for all those who are sensitive to the open-fabrication-places growing movement, we focused this opening workshop on FabLabs & Research considerations :

  • Which are the different angles to approach FabLabs (and all makerspaces) in the ongoing research ?
  • Which are the links between the researchers and the fabbers, and how could they be enhanced ?
  • What is the RGCS network ?
  • How is it currently involved in the FabLabs development?
  • What are the specific subjects the Toulouse’s RGCS chapter could be working on at first?


These were the kind of questions we wanted to discuss with participants.

You can find here the starting presentation as well as the restitution of the contributions. (As the workshop was French-speaking all the results remains in French)

> Lien vers la RGCS CHAP Toulouse PRESENTATION

> Lien vers les FabLab_Festival_2017_Restitutions


Because a network comes alive when the people meet, this moment had several goals :

  • Make the research and the FabLab communities meet and share !!
  • Gather people interested in the Toulouse RGCS Chapter and start creating a collective and collaborative dynamic
  • Gather people interested in the other Chapters: Lyon, Grenoble, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Montreal, Roma, …
  • Be curious and open to what could come out of this shared moment…

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