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Before our exhibition the 16th December, below a couple of pictures taken by @fdevaujany* during our scientific happening. No context, no place, no time… just guess 🙂

* by means of Nikon D3200 (Thursday-Sunday), Minolta SRT100X (Wednesday) and HTC one (Wednesday-Sunday)…

Urban nation 5

Uran nation 7


Urban nation 3


Urban nation 6.jpg


Airport bis.jpg

Airport 2.jpgPostdamer.jpgAlaric 2.jpgAbri atomique 4.jpg

Bâtiment Nouvel

Cbase 2C-base 3

Cbase 4Cbase 1

Cbase impression

Cbase I know this hacker

Cbase strange aliens

Cbase table

Cbase time


Photo WC


Traces of hacking


Ahoy anneaux 2 inverés

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