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We are pleased to announce the first international symposium of the RGCS network:


 Friday, 16th December, 9:00 – 20:00 (9PM – 8PM) in Paris

  Work and workplace transformations:

The new communities of makers and entrepreneurs in the city


 Call for papers First RGCS symposium

  1. Topics of the symposium


This first international symposium will be a twofold opportunity.

Firstly, it aims at gathering academics and practitioners interested in work and workplace transformations, in particular at the level of collaborative communities and social movements (coworkers, hackers, makers, fab labers…) embodying and conveying them. The key topics discussed will be: the relationship between collaborative communities and work transformations as well as new collaborative spaces, the nature of their social movement, the new business models behind them, public policies and their impact on the collaborative dynamic, clusters and social hubs and their relationship with collaborative spaces, innovation and new innovative practices grounded into collaborative communities and spaces, social and critical perspectives about collaborative communities, digital transformation and collaboration, etc.

Secondly, this workshop will be an opportunity to diffuse and present the final version of the 2016 RGCS white report. All chapters of RGCS are involved in an exploration of public policies and corporate strategies related to collaborative communities. The result of their collective work and propositions will be detailed.



  1. Submission process and organization of the event


The organization will be the following. Three collaborative spaces in Paris will host three parallel sessions. In this context, 50 papers will be presented. All those interested in participating are welcome. Submissions will be based on an extended abstract (1000 words, Times New Roman font). All submissions, related to RGCS or not, are welcome. The deadline for submissions is June 30th 2016.

But one criteria of selection will ultimately be to represent the diversity of trends and practices in the cities and territories represented by RGCS chapters (i.e. Paris, London, Montreal, Lyon, Grenoble, Barcelona, Milan, Roma, Modena). We thus invite people interested in submitting a proposal to get in touch with the coordinators of RGCS.

In the afternoon, a scavenger hunt will be organized in Paris to find the report and discover the collaborative landscape of the city.

It will end in a place mentioned during the hunt, with the presentation and discussion of the report at 19:00 (7 PM), before an evening in a big pub in the city.

Registration will be free of charge, but the number of seats at the symposium will be limited and registration will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis

For questions or submissions:


Looking forward to meeting you all in Paris!


The coordinators of RGCS chapters

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