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Walking from Montmartre to Montreuil

Walking from Montmartre to Montreuil

By Tadashi Uda (Hokkaido University)

The view from Sacré-Coeur was great. As the terrain in the center of Paris is relatively flat, I could look over the city from there for the first time after coming to Paris.

We found a map at the side of the stairs in front of Basilique. The cityscape of Paris seen from the Sacré-Coeur in 1939 was drawn. I was surprised that there was no big difference between the current landscape and the picture drawn. I wonder if there is a “mega” city that has not changed the figure for 80 years in Japan (Even in Kyoto, the city/landscape has changed a lot except historical sites and a part of areas). The change of the cityscape in Tokyo is tremendous.

Things around us in Paris and Tokyo, for example are almost same. However, I came up with the question that how the difference in

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