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Notre open seminar sur l’université ouverte et la création de l’OLPO

Notre open seminar sur l’université ouverte et la création de l’OLPO

Quelques tweets suite à notre open seminar sur l'université ouverte du 23 septembre :

Visionnez la vidéo de l'open seminar :

L'OLPO, l'observatoire des laboratoires politiques ouverts, think tanks / do tanks et bien d'autres sous la loupe des chercheurs du collaboratig !

Pour rappel, le livre blanc sur lequel s'appuie ces propositions :


Merci d'avoir participé !

Et un grand MERCI La Myne pour le pad collaboratif !!

==> https://pad.lamyne.org/RGCS-pouruneuniversiteouverte?both

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RGCS Paper Factory #1

RGCS Paper Factory #1

Program – OWEE paper workshop  

“RGCS Paper Factory #1”

3-5 June 2019, Dauphine University (Paris)


Coordinators : Olivier Irrmann & François-Xavier de Vaujany

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-workshop-owee-61782133023

Location: Université Paris Dauphine - Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 75016 Paris – Meeting at the entrance hall of the university main building.


Once upon a Walk

In 2016, we began a collective adventure about a collaborative learning expedition we called OWEE (for "Open Walked Event-Based Experimentations"). Since then, we organized 23 OWEEs, wrote a White Paper and started a research project focused on OWEE. This has already produced paper conferences (at LAEMOS, EGOS, AOM, OAP...) and we are now shifting to the stage of writing collaboratively academic articles about these experimentations.


The objectives of the workshop

On June 3-5 2019 (Monday to Wednesday) we will organize at Dauphine a collaborative writing workshop about the potential of OWEE learning

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Overview of RGCS activites (2014-2018): studying and experimenting collaborative practices

Overview of RGCS activites (2014-2018): studying and experimenting collaborative practices

Our network has first been a working group (NETC) set up in October 2014. It has then be a network gathering researchers, entrepreneurs and activists interested in new ways of working (e.g. collaborative work and collaborative spaces) and exploring new ways of working for academics-practitioners collaborations from 2015. What did we do since the beginning of this adventure? It is time to take stock of our activities.

These years have been opportunities for numerous experimentations, attempts, failures, surprises, a lot of bricolages and improvisations. We did our best to make things happen. Most of all, we are proud of what we did or tried to do.

Our key accomplishments and contributions could be summarized the following way:

Bilan 2.jpg

What could be the next steps? What do we want for the next years? Difficult to say. As we like to repeat, let's surprise ourselves...

Bilan 3


Join us for the next chapters of this

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White Paper (Alpha) in English is out

The English-Speaking version of RGCS White Paper (Alpha version) is now on line:

« RGCS White Paper Alpha version« 

This Alpha version offers a starting point and a vision for the elaboration of RGCS White Paper (see this document:  A process for RGCS White Paper).

Next versions will be less ‘academic’ and more focused on cases and propositions.

But RGCS is an academic network, and the starting point of its analysis of collaborative communities in the city is necessarily a little bit academic 🙂

Looking forward to your feedbacks (collaborativespaces@gmail.com)

Best regards,

The coordinators of RGCS

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