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Science popularization seminar #RGCSParis

Science popularization seminar #RGCSParis

by Aurore Dandoy (Université PSL Paris-Dauphine), Bérénice Thouin (La Fabrique des Territoires Innovants) and Christian Simon (Fablab Sorbonne Universités)


In February 2018, the #RGCSParis seminar took place in an intriguing fablab : FabLab SU. Why intriguing ?
– First, because it is a multisited fablab, situated in different areas of the university, based on the uses and the users of each part. We only visit three spaces on five but they were so different that we immediately understand the benefits of multisites.
– Second, because they are a real interdisciplinary places where everyone is welcome!
Espace Créa – Meeting point
We started with a meeting point at 17:30 in the Espace Créa, because it is closer to the entrance and easier to see how many participants we would be. We met
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