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São Paulo: the capital of the state of Sao Paulo

São Paulo: the capital of the state of Sao Paulo

São Paulo city, the largest metropolis in South America, is the home to over 12 million people and it is considered as the Latin America’s Silicon Valley, with a broad variety of start-ups, innovation hubs, a buzzing place of entrepreneurship, and investments to push a ‘smart city’ agenda. With its economic power, São Paulo stands out for bringing together 2,700 active tech startups and the most important initiatives, basic conditions and government support to stimulate the startup system. São Paulo city is home to the largest and most mature startup ecosystem in South America, and home to 38 of the 100 largest private companies with national capital and 63% of international groups installed in Brazil.


São Paulo State is responsible for 69.5% of the total invested by the states in Research and Development in Brazil. It has an extensive network of public and private research institutions, with an expressive

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