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RGCS Paper Factory #1

RGCS Paper Factory #1

Program – OWEE paper workshop  

“RGCS Paper Factory #1”

3-5 June 2019, Dauphine University (Paris)


Coordinators : Olivier Irrmann & François-Xavier de Vaujany


Location: Université Paris Dauphine - Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 75016 Paris – Meeting at the entrance hall of the university main building.


Once upon a Walk

In 2016, we began a collective adventure about a collaborative learning expedition we called OWEE (for "Open Walked Event-Based Experimentations"). Since then, we organized 23 OWEEs, wrote a White Paper and started a research project focused on OWEE. This has already produced paper conferences (at LAEMOS, EGOS, AOM, OAP...) and we are now shifting to the stage of writing collaboratively academic articles about these experimentations.


The objectives of the workshop

On June 3-5 2019 (Monday to Wednesday) we will organize at Dauphine a collaborative writing workshop about the potential of OWEE learning

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« Apprendre au bout de ma rue… en 2019 », l’évènement d’une nouvelle ère!

« Apprendre au bout de ma rue… en 2019 », l’évènement d’une nouvelle ère!

L’apprentissage est un débat récurrent au sein de la société, comme en témoignent le nombre d’écoles alternatives, de rapports d’échecs scolaires[1]et de réformes de l’éducation nationale par chaque nouveau ministre[2]. C’est aussi un thème qui émerge des pratiques et des espaces de coworking[3]. En effet, le coworking est une question de communauté (co) et de travail (working) et cela inclut de l’apprentissage social. Et quand une communauté de travail décide d’apprendre ensemble sur le thème « Apprendre au bout de ma rue… en 2019 ! », on en tire un événement génial !!

Photo 1: Apprendre au bout de ma rue en 2019 à Sceaux Smart (source : padlet[4])


Cet événement, le premier World Café de Sceaux Smart[5],  a eu lieu le 20 février de 18h à 20h dans l’espace de coworking, transformé en espace événementiel. L’espace était organisé

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Program of « Makers, DIY & DIT in Lisbon »

Program of « Makers, DIY & DIT in Lisbon »

The program of our next collaborative learning expedition #OWEE is now on line.

Our event entitled "Makers, DIY & DIT in Lisbon: the New Explorers" will take place on April, 23rd-24th in Lisbon

The full program can be accessed here

Registration is free and open to all. It can be done here

Looking forward to meeting you soon in Lisbon!


The OC


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Representativeness, Legitimacy & Democracy: Towards a New Politics of Organizing?

Representativeness, Legitimacy & Democracy: Towards a New Politics of Organizing?

The 3rd OOSE workshop at EGOS conference will take place in Edinburgh on July, 3rd 2019 (7.30 PM).

For long, Platon, Condorcet, Arrow have imagined what democracy and democratic organizing could be. The issue of the transitivity of preferences and the right democratic mediations have always been at the heart of the political debate. But social media, new kind of social movements, globalization, all make their view partly obsolescent. None of the founding figures of democratic thoughts ever imagined that a crowd, whatever its diversity of opinions, heterogeneity of physical and temporal presence, could become a mass and perform something political. All this raises new questions for researchers interested in organizing processes. Let’s talk about it!


More details here


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Science popularization seminar #RGCSParis

Science popularization seminar #RGCSParis

by Aurore Dandoy (Université PSL Paris-Dauphine), Bérénice Thouin (La Fabrique des Territoires Innovants) and Christian Simon (Fablab Sorbonne Universités)


In February 2018, the #RGCSParis seminar took place in an intriguing fablab : FabLab SU. Why intriguing ?
– First, because it is a multisited fablab, situated in different areas of the university, based on the uses and the users of each part. We only visit three spaces on five but they were so different that we immediately understand the benefits of multisites.
– Second, because they are a real interdisciplinary places where everyone is welcome!
Espace Créa – Meeting point
We started with a meeting point at 17:30 in the Espace Créa, because it is closer to the entrance and easier to see how many participants we would be. We met
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RGCS Toulouse launched during the FabLab Festival – on the 12th of May

RGCS Toulouse launched during the FabLab Festival – on the 12th of May

by Amélie Bohas (Aix-Marseille Université), Constance Garnier (Telecom Paris-Tech) and Stéphanie Faure (Université PSL Paris-Dauphine)

In April 2017, a brand new RGCS (Research Group on Collaborative Spaces) chapter opened in Toulouse. So as to start this adventure in a collective and open way, a first convivial meeting gathering 30 people interested in the global RGCS dynamic and those who are especially concerned by the Toulouse’s chapter took place during the FabLab Festival. As Toulouse, through it’s festival organized by Artilect, became a major meeting point for fabbers and for all those who are sensitive to the open-fabrication-places growing movement, we focused this opening workshop on FabLabs & Research considerations :

  • Which are the different angles to approach FabLabs (and all makerspaces) in the ongoing research ?
  • Which are the links between the researchers and the fabbers, and how could they be enhanced ?
  • What is the RGCS network ?
  • How
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EURAM 2016 Fab lab, coworking space, start-up accelerator… New spaces of cooperation?

EURAM 2016 Fab lab, coworking space, start-up accelerator… New spaces of cooperation?

By Julie Fabbri and Anna Glaser

visuel-euram-420x235During the 16th EURAM Conference in Paris (at Paris-Creteil University) we had the opportunity to organize a Development Working Group (DWG) entitled “Fab lab, coworking space, start-up accelerator… New spaces of cooperation?”. The DWG was sponsored by the SIG Entrepreneurship and took place on Friday, June 3rd 2016. We are happy to share to a broader audience what happened there.… Read more

Coworking spaces, maker spaces, fab labs: true communities?

After a set of new visits of coworking spaces and fab labs this week, I am more than ever skeptical or at least, lost, about the use of the notion of ‘community’.


You will join a community, share a space, collective events. I’ve even heard the word ‘family’!

Let’s make a short detour. An historical detour again towards the history of western universities. It is often reminded that the word university comes from the latin word ‘universitas, universitatit, f’, which means (among others) ‘community’. Unversities have emerged for the Middle Age period. They are a typical collectivity of the Middle Age. The archetypal community of that time are monasteries (see previous post). With a strong set of rules, a major time and space unity. Monks of that time (and most monks today) are fully involved in collective life, day and night. Everybody is expected to respect the same rules, the … Read more

Event of RGCS London (seminar + Working Group): 15th January at Cass Business School

Event of RGCS London (seminar + Working Group): 15th January at Cass Business School

Innovation in New Workplaces: From Coworking Spaces to Fab Labs in London

The event will take place from 9 AM to 4.00 PM.

9.00-12.30: Research seminar based on three presentations about innovation in London’s collaborative spaces:

Welcome address: “The New places, Spaces and Business Models of Innovation: Back to Communities?” Stefan Haefliger and Alessandro Giudici (Cass Business School)

TechCity and New Promises of Innovation: a French View on the (Re)Configuration of a Field

by Sabine Carton (Université de Grenoble), François-Xavier de Vaujany (Université Paris-Dauphine) and Imad Haraoubia (Université de Grenoble)

Collaborative Spaces and their Affordance for Collaboration and Work Practices: Two Case Studies

by Julie Fabbri (Ecole Polytechnique)

Makerspaces, Coworking spaces, Fab labs, Innovation and Collaboration

Doctoral panel with Altair Marroquin-Cruz (Cass Business School), Andrea Jimenez (Royal Holloway) and Anouk Mukherjee (université Paris-Dauphine). Panel chair: Alessandro Giudici (Cass Business School) and Hélène … Read more

Réunion 10 Novembre 2015: RGCS Working Group « Public  Policies and collaborative spaces »

Réunion 10 Novembre 2015: RGCS Working Group « Public Policies and collaborative spaces »

La prochaine réunion du Working Group « Public Policies » coordonné par Fabrice Periac aura lieu Mardi 10 novembre 2015 de 17h à 19h à l’Université Paris Dauphine (Espace One).

Nous aurons le plaisir d’assister à deux présentations:

– 17h: Valérie Ambroise-Renault, Docteur en Développement Durable et co-fondatrice de la plateforme collaborative Hopynity partagera avec nous son retour d’expérience, au cours d’une présentation intitulée: « Un espace collaboratif en ligne dédié à l’émergence de nouvelles coopérations entre les acteurs de la recherche et ceux de l’innovation – Focus sur la dimension territoriale de ces nouvelles coopérations »

– 18h: Ignasi Capdevila, Professeur associé à  Paris School of Economics, présentera ses recherches sur les espaces collaboratifs de Barcelone : « Co-workers, Makers et Fabbers: Dynamiques d’innovations internes, locales et globales dans des communautés localisées à Barcelone »

Chaque présentation sera suivie d’un temps pour les questions, échanges et

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